Friday, 3 September 2010

The great automobile industries- Audi

The history of the great auto-mobile industries is enriched by the charm of a hundredth anniversary of Audi’s. Audi founded in 1899 by the automobile engineering pioneer, August Horch.

Four cars that summarise a century of history i.e: Horch, Audi TT, Audi A8 and Auto Union, depicted on the miniature sheet bound to be spoken about.

The first one reproduces a brand new 18/50 HP Horch of the first decade’s activity, that fully expresses the technical perfection and elegance of final touches which will be Audi’s exclusives.

Audi TT was able to raise the concept of sportiveness to the maximum power, through its clean and essential profile created by a team of young designers and engineers.

Audi A8 achieved a leading place among luxury sedans, thanks to its ability to combine power with a dynamic design, without being too aggressive.

Auto Union, the one-seater, whose prototype is dated 1933, surprised everyone for its innovations (highly dynamic lines, very advanced cockpit, rear engine with 45° V-shaped configuration 16 cylinders and torsion bar suspension) .

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