Sunday, 26 September 2010

Gastronomy of Slovakia – Europa 2005

Post Europ chosen theme of Gastronomy for Europa stamp 2005. Slovakia Post has issued one stamp depicted theme of Gastronomy and marked Europa symbol on stamp.

Slovak food was characterised by its generally sour taste. Sweeter meals were consumed only occasionally.Vegetable products, bread, cooked pasta, mashed vegetable and potato meals, soups, sauces and various kinds of cakes formed the basic components of Slovak citizens’ meals. Bread was always treated with respect. 

Welcoming noble guests with bread and salt represents one of the best-known Slovak customs.In dependence on the Slovak environment, vegetable and dairy products have traditionally constituted the preponderances of Slovak citizens’ diets. Meat originally did not play a significant role.In its design, the stamp characterizes the basic food-stuff in the Slovak diet, bread with salt, which simultaneously represents the symbol of hospitality.

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