Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Emperor Akihito of Japan on stamps

The Postal Administration of Japan has Issued the souvenir sheet featured the Emperor Akihito and the Empress Michiko on three years later since his reigned 1990.

Akihito (born on 23 December 1933) is the eldest son and the fifth child of Emperor Hirohito (the Showa Emperor) and Empress Kojun. During the American firebombing raids on Tokyo in March 1945, he and his younger brother, HIH Prince Masahito, were evacuated from the city. During the American occupation of Japan following World War II, Prince Akihito was tutored in English and Western manners by Elizabeth Gray Vining.

In June 1953, Crown Prince Akihito represented Japan at the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in London. Then-Crown Prince Akihito and Crown Princess Michiko made official visits to thirty-seven countries.

After the death of Emperor Hirohito on 7 January 1989, the crown prince received the succession. Emperor Akihito formally acceded to the throne as the 125th Emperor according to Japan's traditional order of succession on 12 November 1990. In writing, the emperor is also referred to formally as "The Reigning Emperor". The Era of Akihito's reign bears the name "Heisei" and according to custom he will be renamed "Emperor Heisei".

Since succeeding to the throne, Emperor Akihito has made an effort to bring the Imperial Family closer to the Japanese people. The Emperor and Empress of Japan have made official visits to eighteen countries.

He married Miss Michiko Shoda (born 24 October 1934), the eldest daughter of Mr. Hidesaburo Shoda, the president and later honorary chairman of Nisshin Flour Milling Company, on 10 April 1959. The Emperor and the Empress have three children: Naruhito or Prince Hiro, Fumihito or Prince Aya and Sayako or Princess Nori.

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