Sunday, 26 September 2010

Decorated Easter Egg – Easter 2009 of Slovakia.

In related with easter celebration 2009, Post of Slovakia issued one stamp depicted decorated egg. What a colourful of stamp. 

The custom of egg decoration connected with the celebration of spring in the greater Slavonic territory. Hen, duck and goose eggs are most often used for decoration. 

Various egg-decorating techniques are used in different Slovak regions. The most traditional include waxing, tie-dying, etching, scraping, sticking with grass or straw, and the wiring of eggs.

Eggs as the symbol of life were thought to serve, especially in the past, as a source of life power and regeneration after an arduous winter.Painted and decorated eggs are intrinsically associated with Easter. They symbolize spring and new life, for Christians they are associated with the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The symbolism of the egg dates to pagan times when it was associated with fertility and the cycle of life.

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