Thursday, 16 September 2010

50 years of Europa Stamps (1956-2006)

Greenland Post have celebrated the 50th Anniversary of Europa stamps with released the special stamp on stamp. The inside small stamp is formerly best of Europa stamps 2004, theme of Holiday.

EUROPA stamps are special stamps issued by European postal administrations/ enterprises under the aegis of PostEurop in which Europe is the central theme. The first Europa stamps were issued in 1956 by 6 countries: France, Belgium, West-Germany, Italy, Luxembourg and Holland. Now in 2006, 50 countries issue Europa stamps. Until 1973, the stamp design was the same for all countries.

In 1974, the rule changed: a theme was proposed and each country was free to have its own design as long as it fits the year subject. In 1993, PostEurop became responsible for issuing EUROPA stamps. Consequently, all the stamps have "Europa" inserted into the design in small print. EUROPA stamps underlines cooperation in the posts domain, taking into account promotion of philately. To build awareness of the common roots, culture and history of Europe and its common goals that EUROPA stamp issues are among the most collected and most popular stamps in the world.

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