Saturday, 28 April 2012

Enironmental Care on Indonesian stamps

To commemorate the World Environment Day, June 5th 2005, the Indonesian Government has issued the special stamp of environmental care series, two different stamp designs, mangrove forest theme, both valued in denomination Rp. 1,500.-

Mangroove plants are unique. They have the characteristic of land and ocean plants. Mangrove has extensive root functions as part of respiration system and produce much organic to create a unique coastal environmental for marine lives.

Their roots provide a breeding ground for plants and animal biodiversity, and aid in building up coastlines.

Mangrove forest are habitat for many species of fishes, some endemic and nearly extinct fauna such as Bekantan monkey, Sumatra Tiger, Javanese White Egret and as transit place for migrant bird before fly to their destination.

Somehow, the area of mangrove forest in Indonesia has been dramatically decreasing. Therefore Indonesian Government has issued the law for mangrove rehabilitation.
" Save the mangrove forest now "

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