Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Barn Owl stamp of Jersey

Jersey Post have issued a souvenir sheet consist of one stamp features the Barn Owl (tyco alba). The Barn Owl (Tyto alba) as depicted on the stamp is found almost anywhere in the world outside polar and desert regions, as well as all of Asia north of the Alpide belt, most of Indonesia and the Pacific islands.

The Barn Owl is a pale, long-winged, long-legged owl with a short squarish tail. Depending on subspecies, it measures c.25-45 cm in overall length, with a wingspan of about 75-100 cm. The heart-shaped face is usually bright white, but in some subspecies it is browner. The underparts vary from white to reddish buff among the subspecies. The iris is blackish brown. The toes, as the bill, vary in color; their color ranges from pinkish to dark pinkish-grey. The talons are black.

Their habitat in open country such as farmland or grassland with some interspersed woodland, usually below 2,000 m ASL This owl prefers to hunt along the edges of woods.Barn Owls are relatively common throughout most of their range and not considered globally threatened.

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