Saturday, 26 September 2009

Bird Life International stamp from Fiji

Fiji have been issued endangered bird stamp, i.e: Long-legged warbler 41c, Silktail 60c, Pink-billed Parrotfinch $3, Red-throated Lorikeet $1.07, with collaborated Bird Life International.

Long legged warbler, or Trichocichla rufa have characteristic are 17 cm in length with a long-tailed secretive warbler of the forest floor. Upperparts rather warm brown with a distinct long fine silvery supercilium. White throat contrast with buffy-rufous breast-sides and flanks, fading into an off-white belly. Fairly long bluish legs, and medium-short black bill.This species is endemic Viti Levu and Vanua Levu on Fiji. This species was recently rediscovered and has been listed as Endangered because it is estimated to have a very small population, approximately 50 – 249.

African orchid on Benin's stamp

Republic of Benin have been issued stamp series with theme " Orchidee Africaine" on 1995.The species  depicted are  Angraecum sesquipedale in 40f, Polystachya virginea in 50f, Disa uniflora in 75f, Ansellia africana in 100f, Angaraecum eichlerianum in 135f, Jumellea confusa in 200f.

Fourth of fungi stamp series from South Korea.

The below description of fungi species on stamps , start from bottom direction, Sarcodon imbricatus toward a counter clockwise to Amanita inaurata. All value in stamps were same and issued on 1996.

Fungi serie stamps from Tanzania

The eight species of fungi have depicted on the Tanzania minisheet of stamps are Coprinus comatus, Amanitopsis vaginata, Clitocybe Geotropa and Cortinarius Violaceous. (top directions)  and Russula sardonia, Cortinarius collinitus, Boletus Aereus, Lepiota Procera (bottom direction).